Only You Know What It Means

A dying, reknown orchestral conductor tells the secret that he has been unable to tell…
The manuscript of Gustav Mahler’s tenth symphony

When a sudden illness interrupts his busy concert schedule, Ian Atkinson only has one face in her mind, but that face belongs to two different women who have never known each other’s existence.

(This novel is undergoing a complete re-work)

Copyright © Peter Y. Chuang 2019

Peter Y. Chuang is a Hong Kong-born novelist, short story writer, and a music critic who has lived in London at a time and now goes to Berlin semi-regularly for no good reason. When he’s not writing or reading, he’s probably playing with his cat, or listening to classical music, either at home or at one of the opera houses and concert halls in Germany. He uses Linux (current distro of choice: Arch Linux). Read more about his Linux stuff.