I think about you to dream of you

A sonnet

They used to say: “you dream of what you think.”
So I thought about you to dream of you,
I poured a glass of bitter wine to drink
Myself to sleep the sleep and dream of you.

But then I looked and searched and found you not,
Instead I heard her voice and saw her face.
She said her love for me had yet to rot,
But in truth, it’s long gone to outer space.

I woke up, my little hope dashed, I wept—
“Where can I find you once again, my dear?”
If I’d known, would I have rather not slept?
For all I got were tears and not one cheer.

Or I should perish the want for your heart,
For the furthest distance sets us apart.

 Poetry    13 May, 2016
 Sonnet    Poem    Love    Loss  
Copyright © Peter Y. Chuang 2018

Peter Y. Chuang is a Hong Kong-born novelist and short story writer who’s lived in London and calls Berlin his spiritual home. He has completed the manuscript of a literary science fiction novel, Twenty Forty-Seven,” and is currently re-writing another literary novel, Only You Know What It Means.”

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