Sorrow in the Dark

A sonnet

The night is always when the sorrow grows:
The world is silent, everyone’s asleep.
I sit alone and let my sadness flows,
My eyes run dry despite my urge to weep.

Your kindness gives me courage to survive,
Your caring touches me and warms my heart.
But all your words and words cannot revive
The sense of life that has been ripped apart.

The lights of city mask the twinkling stars,
But what would I feel if the stars were seen?
Would they have dug in more wounds and old scars?
Or long for you more than I’ve ever been?

I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait
For love to grow in you to change my fate.

 Poetry    15 Jun, 2016
 Sonnet    Poem    Love    Loss  
Copyright © Peter Y. Chuang 2018

Peter Y. Chuang is a Hong Kong-born novelist and short story writer who’s lived in London and calls Berlin his spiritual home. He has completed the manuscript of a literary science fiction novel, Twenty Forty-Seven,” and is currently re-writing another literary novel, Only You Know What It Means.”

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